Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcoming Travels

Hi folks. Well, it's been a very VERY interesting month here in Kate Awesomeland. First of all, thanks for all your emails asking questions to "Ask a Busker"; right now I'm super swamped with work and I will get around to answering your questions hopefully before I head out on the road again, which is apparently really soon!

This upcoming weekend, I will be in Ottawa for the grand opening of Winterlude. I always love visiting and working in my nation's capital, so it should be a really fun time! In two weeks after that, I will be performing in the Milano Clown Festival in Milan, Italy. I'm really looking forward to being back in the land of awesome pizza, grappa and yoghurt (seriously.. the yoghurt in the North of Italy is probably the BEST yoghurt I've ever had!!). Oh, and prosecco, of course. I will be premiering my new street show "Rag-Maninoff" which is both exciting and very nerve-wracking. After the festival, I'll travel to Friuli to visit my family, since, I can't go to Italy and NOT see them while I'm there and, how else shall one spend their own birthday?! I'm looking forward to this experience greatly! :)

After Milan, I will be traveling to London, England for a few days to catch up with friends, check out the street scene and get my visa for Sierra Leone. We have finally been given the go-ahead for the project I've been involved in for the last year or so. While in Sierra Leone, I will be hosting workshops in juggling, mime, and various other circus disciplines with some wonderful kids in orphanages in both Freetown and Koidu. I am immensely looking forward to traveling to Africa to realize this project fully. It's been a long hard battle to get to Sierra Leone, and it looks like it is finally happening in March. Hooray for Karamazov!

I am gracious to be the recipient of some funding from Circus Without Borders to be able to get circus equipment that I can leave in Africa with the kids and film a little documentary about the experience and journey. It's going to be a helluva ride and one that while I don't think anybody could ever really prepare for, I am ready for as best as I can be!

I will be publishing my press release on this blog regarding the upcoming trip that will have further details.

Whew. What a Birthday-Month.
Wish me luck!

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