Friday, August 14, 2009

Saint John, St. John's...

Hi folks!

I just got back from my tour out East; Saint John's Buskers on the Boardwalk, and St. John's Buskerfest in Newfoundland. I ate a lot of seafood, smelled the salty sea air and had some amazing adventures that included jumping across the top of the cars of an old timey train. Scratch one more thing off the list of things to do before I die. Nope, the yard dogs weren't chasing me, but there'll be time for that I reckon!

Had a wonderful time performing in some great fests, met some wonderful people, got some great press and gave some AMAZING shows. Thanks to everyone who came out to the fests in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, you guys were amazing and totally rocked!

I'm going to invest in a better computer so I can keep a log of my adventures on the road; since I drove up to both gigs, a lot of fun was had. The Cowguys wrote a great blog entry regarding our trip home from New Brunswick, if'n you wanna read it...

Newfoundland was wonderful. I drove up with Chalkmaster Dave and we had a grand old time taking the ferry across the Atlantic Ocean and spending 20 hrs in a car together. I'm pleased to announce that not only did we make it through the trip without any problems, but we actually enjoyed each other's company and worked well even under pressure! Way to go us!!
We even had some time along the way to take pictures and goof around.

I get so much inspiration on the road and have been writing things down and am looking forward to a productive winter of new stuff up and coming once I get finished with my summer touring season. Not that I want it to hurry up, I'm enjoying every minute of it!! :D

Alright, well, I should get going. Next adventure is in Ottawa, for the Super Ex! It should be an awesomely grand ol' time!

I leave you now with a shot from on the road: hitchin' a ride on the train to get to the NFLD ferry...