Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Milano Clown Festival

Hi everyone!

I'm writing to you from sunny (rainy?) Italy where I have just finished premiering my new show in the Milano Clown Festival. It was... interesting to say the least! Not the weather I was expecting for Milan this time of year, but over-all, I gotta say, it was the best place to premiere a new show, for sure. I love performing for the folks in Italy; they are so enthusiastic and really get into the shows, as audience participants.

Going from kick-ass strolling and world-class walk-by to a new show was a very humbling transition, but after three days solid of show after show after show, I've come out of it with something wonderful. I'm really pleased with the experience overall.

Right now, I'm currently holed up in Friuli-Venezia Giulia recovering from a terrible flu, hoping to feel better enough to get back out on the street before I head off to London for a week. I'm thinking of heading up Verona or Firenze pending on the weather... if not, I will be street performing in London for sure (again, weather permitting).

From London, I'm traveling to Sierra Leone, where my project with Accountable Development Works is finally underway! I was fortunate to receive partial funding from Circus Without Borders and donations of books and circus gear from the Big Little Caravan of Joy to bring with me. Colour me thrilled! It's going to be an intense ride, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I'm also just happy that this trip is finally underway; with so many hitches and glitches along the way, it's just a relief to get there!

Since I'll be with spotty internet connection from March 7th-24th, I won't be answering any 'Ask a Busker' questions, but thank you all for your emails. I still have a couple I need to post, hopefully before I head out, plus some stories from busking here in Europe and hopefully in England once I'm feeling better.

Hope you are all doing well in internet-land. Talk soon!

ps. It's my birthday today!

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