Friday, April 17, 2009

Sierra Leone Update

Well, I haven't posted about the upcoming gig in Sierra Leone for a while now because it's been off the ground/grounded/off the ground/grounded so many times.

Our scheduled attempt for June has been foiled again due to funding issues from the Government. Accountable Development Works has made my contribution top priority and there has to be a trip to Sierra Leone this year (once funding goes through) so we will be going as soon as my personal schedule will allow.

So, from our meeting this morning, I'm on standby for July, but it looks like we will most likely be leaving later. I've been thinking of returning to Arizona this year for a month to train and spend some time working with Flam Chen, and Malaysia for a couple of months to shoot a film, so with this trip being postponed yet again I may have to re-organize my whole schedule.

Plus, there's a whole other person(al issue) that I'd love to be in Toronto for, to dedicate time to...!

...Oh, Africa! Even before I get there, it's quite an adventure just to get off the ground!

Meh. Such is life. "The best laid plans of mice and men go oft aglay." Everything cast to the winds. Such is the life of a perpetual traveler, right?

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