Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lunacy Cabaret

Once a month, Zero Gravity Circus holds a variety show at the Centre of Gravity (1300 Gerrard St. E, Toronto) to support Circus Without Borders. Last night was the fullest house I've ever seen! The show boasts entertainers whose skills range from comedy to aerial arts, juggling and clown, mime and burlesque. It is a forum for professionals to try out new material, emerging performing artists to experience a new stage, and everyone else in between with a great variety act to come on down and give it a try. All of the proceeds from this event go towards Circus without Borders, who have raised the funds to send a troupe of 10 performers to Cuba and send me to Sierra Leone, both adventures set for March. If you live in Toronto, Canada, I highly urge you to check out the cabarets, check the website, check out the theatre. It is an amazing resource for circus in the city.

Last night, I also received my donation from Circus Without Borders. I feel very good about the support I'm receiving from my agents: they graciously offered for me to provide them with all of my travel information and offered help should anything go awry. It definitely takes some of the strain off my mind knowing I've got people watching my back. I'v been lucky; ex-military friends giving me practical information about the environment, contacts who have been to Sierra Leone in the past sharing their experiences, a LOT of reading provided by the charity I am working with. Yet I know however prepared I may try to make myself, mentally and emotionally, it will all mean squat when I'm actually in the thick of a war-torn country. I fancy that my experience of performing on the fly and working within a limited construct should give me the ability to think on my toes effectively should any proverbial shit go down while I'm there. I hope!

For the record, though, I do aim to come home safe and sound. Just so you know.

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