Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello internet.

My name is Kate.

I enjoy the written medium and have kept a personal online journal for quite a long time. I truly began to appreciate blogging on a deeper level last year, when I was performing in Asia. Due to the restrictions of the particular country I was in, I was unable to access my blog while a myriad of bizarre and interesting things occurred around us. It got me thinking about the importance of the individual voice: we certainly live in an exciting time and personal stories often tell history best.

Without being too prosaic about my intentions, I've decided to create a blog here to record my story. I travel the world as a street performer, both on the streets and in festivals, and while I have been actively working for approximately five years I feel as if I am at the beginning stages of my career. I have traveled across Canada, through the US, Europe and Asia performing mime and living statue and hope to branch out this year by involving more skills and building a show, a process that will, no doubt, be entertaining to write about.

At the end of March, through the support of Circus Without Borders, I will be traveling to Sierra Leone, Africa, to teach circus skills to children in orphanages in Freetown and Koidu. I definitely have some fears and reservations about traveling to a country that has only recently gotten itself out of a long and horrific civil war. Sometimes I wonder if what I am doing will have as much of a profound impact as I hope it will. And of course, I wonder if I even have anything to contribute! At any rate, I'm going, I'm documenting the process, and you are more than welcome to read about this and my further adventures.

Thanks for reading and support!

Yours respectfully,


  1. hey, i saw your post on artistas di circo's on livejournal and i think your are going to tell a very interesting story! i would like to read it :) i think it is a wonderful experience where you can not only teach but will learn a lot yourself also..